Aragon Architects Office of architecture and Urban Planning

We are an Architectural Office that operates in the fields of architecture and building, we have been active more than 25 years, with more than 500 projects done.

Our projects have been done in Estepona, Manilva, Casares, Marbella and Sotogrande in the area known as "La costa del sol". In the last years we have also built in Torrent and Picanya ( Valencia).

We have a large career in Urban Planning, as we have drawn up several partial plans in Estepona, Manilva and Casares. As well as some modifications in the general planning of Estepona and subsidiary regulations in Casares.


Being the most of our work done the design and construction, we have a big experience and technical solvency, avoiding possible unexpected events and the budget increases.

We work with the client, being in regular contact until the design (interior and exterior) pleases the client. We will pay great attention to the budget, and we will assist and advise over the whole building proccess since the project management until the delivery of the keys of the build.

We have drawn up partial plans in Estepona, Manilva and Casares.

We have also done several modifications to elements in the General planning of Estepona and subsidiary regulations in Casares.

Our broad experience in the urban planning allow us to act as a consulting firm, if u have any doubts or you require legal advice ask us.

The proccess of rehabilitation is compound of different phases, in the first phase we will proceed to make a visual inspection of the possible damages, after that we will give you a budget, in which will be included if needed a bigger analysis of the damages and pathology that the building may have.

In a second phase we will proceed to the write up ( and draw!) the project, where we will work with the client to achieve the wished final result, as much in design as economically.

Finally in a third phase we will proceed with the material execution of the project.

As we have calculated almost every structure in our projects over those years we have the skills needed to offer consulting advise and if needed the writing of a project.

We calculate every type of structural elements of a building like floor structures ( slabs), beams, pillar, foundations, etc... based of metallic structures, reinforced concrete or wood.

The technical inspection of buildings is done periodically on buildings to guarantee his preservation, structural capabilities, security, watertightness and habitability.

The "Real Decreto Ley 8/2011" ( spanish law), of 1 July of 2011, stablishes that every building with and age superior of 50 years should be inspected.

We can make the inspection and the report derived from the health of the building and the project to make it fullfill the law if needed.

The legalisation of a building in non urban ground, is the legal and technical proccess regulated by the "Decreto 2/2012"(Spanish law) because of an illegal building finished no longer than 6 years ago can be legalised and register in the property record, so that i can legally have access to water and electricity (mainly).

If u want to know more about the proccess of a legalisation or you have any questions dont hesitatecontact With us.

The Energy Efficiency certification is of obligatory compliance by the Real decreto 47/2007 (Spanish law) of 19 of January. This certificate explains the energetical qualification of the building, containing objective information about the energetic features, consumption, capabilities and possible upgrades to the energetic efficiency of a building.

The acquisition of the certificate grants the rights for the duration of his validityo to use the tag of energy efficiency, that must be included by law in every offer, promotion and publicity to rent or sell the building, house or apartment.

We offer you the security and quality of a competent based on our technical solvency, proven over all our years of work and backed by our civil responsability insurance.

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JM Aragón

José María Aragón Jimenez

Arquitect graduated by the Superior Technical School of Architecture in Seville in the year 1983.

Other specialty: Rater, he has been accionist and CEO of Tasatecnic S.A.

Technical legal assistant and rater 3º of the Spanish Ministry of Taxes


José María Aragón Pacheco


The Team of the office


The team is compound of 8 permanent workers, 4 technical architects that cooperates with the office and an industrial engineer and a Topographer.

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